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Waltraud Bleile, Healer - healing hands. Healer Waltraud Bleile - healing hands. Even seriously ill people regain their health through Waltraud Bleile in the Allgäu region by powers beyond human healing skills through laying on of hands.
How does Waltraud Bleile work?
She lays her hands on the respective areas so that the energy can flow. The patient feels pleasant warmth, often also a tingling sensation.

How do people find Waltraud Bleile?
They hear about the healing powers of Waltraud Bleile through numerous publications in magazines.
The patients call and collect more information.
The illness is discussed and appointents are made.
The patients arrive on Sunday, and move into a beautiful holiday apartment on location. Single patients usually move into a room with breakfast in the country hotel.

If the patient arrives via train we have arrangements for a pick up service so that the patient can arrive to his appointments on time.

Waltraud Bleile can also help animals!
Your pet should need assistance, please call us!

Extent of treatment
The extent of treatment includes nine treatments: From Monday to Friday morning 2x per day. There are no group sessions.
In case of serious diseases the patients spend two weeks in treatment.

How is the success rate?
My success rate is very high and I will do everything in my power to help you, too.

We only speak German.
Please think of a translator before approch or scheduling.
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My success rate is very high and I will do everything in my power to help you, too. Imprint | Home   
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