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Waltraud Bleile, Healer - healing hands. Healer Waltraud Bleile - healing hands. Even seriously ill people regain their health through Waltraud Bleile in the Allgäu region by powers beyond human healing skills through laying on of hands.
Such letters - some with medical reports - I get very often. The originals are archived.
(* Names have been changed to protect the people.)

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Für Frau Bleile:
If you combine the front-range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains with the lush green of the Midwest, you get an idea what the German Allgaeu looks like. Green rolling hills are sprawled at the feet of the majestic Alpes, interspersed with pretty cities, villages, lakes and castles. There is much to see and explore for tourists, but there is also one other reason to visit here: the Allgaeu is know for people with special healing gifts. I had heard about it before, that natural healers can be found in this area. But I had never met one in person, until I met Mrs. Waltraud Bleile.

It all began when my mother needed help beside what doctors were able to give. We decided to work with Mrs. Bleile and made an appointment for one week of daily treatments.

A peaceful friendly atmosphere greets us in the sunbathed waiting room. Mrs. Bleile welcomes her clients in a cheerful and warm manner. We also meet other people seeking this alternative path and hear about their healing success. Stories about Mrs. Beile and her talent can be read in the many articles on the table. But what really convinces me is the change I see in my mother. After one week of treatment, her depression has lifted. Her face looks different, something in her appearance has changed. Even now, several weeks after her treatment, I can see her condition improving. A change like this does not happen easily, not with depression.

And now it is my turn to work on allergies: As Mrs. Bleile places her hands on certain parts of my body and I feel warmth, sometimes even a sensation of heat. From the treated areas I feel energy flowing and slowly moving throughout my body. After my treatments I am relaxed and well; however, I also feel the effort of my body to adjust to the treatment, as every healing always requires an inner work as well. My sleep and general well-being are enhanced from day to day.

During my two weeks of treatments I also notice emotional changes. I begin to think more deeply, feel more connected to my heart, and I have positive dreams and thoughts. There are sudden insights, as to how my illness could relate to my psychology and I decide to change some of my thoughts in order to support the healing process. I feel bathed in a positive stream.

In Mrs. Bleile‘s waiting room I meet interesting people and hear their stories. They say that the healing increases with time, probably because the body integrates the positive vibration on different levels. But even now, I can feel that cremes and certain foods are affecting me less, although I am usually very sensitive. But what is really happening? How is it possible that Mrs. Bleile can help us by just placing her hands on the body?

Natural healers like Mrs. Bleile are being researched these days and their successes are scientifically proven. In a research study (E. Targ 1997) in the US, Aids patients were treated by different natural healers in a double blind study - neither their medical doctors nor the patients themselves knew, if they were being treated by these healers long distance. The results showed a dramatic improvement in the condition of the treated Aids-patience as compared to those not treated by the natural healers. The results were so significant, that researchers decided to investigate the healers some more. They found „that experienced healers show strong and unusual electrical patterns around them while working. Healers generated tension as high as 60 Volt while working, as measured by electrometers.“ There was also proof „that during healing sessions there were photon emissions, and electromagnetic fields.“ (Quote from the book „The Field“ by Lynne McTaggart, Scientific Journalist)
A possible explanation for natural healing is, that healers are able to reorganize the dysfunctional energetic patterns of a disease in the body by sending a strong positive electrical current to correct the flow. Since all of our physiological processes in the body are electromagnetic and bio-chemical by nature, this seems to be a viable explanation.

In any case, it is an explanation that describes well the experience that I and many others are having when Mrs. Bleile places her hands on the body. Her energies are clearly perceptible, the warmth of her hands delivers a flow of energy into the body, which is experienced as relief and ease as well as transforming.

I believe that Mrs. Beile has a special gift for healing. Little babies, teenagers, older and younger women, and men come to see her, and they seem to agree. Mrs. Bleile does not promise miracles, she is honest about her gifts. But she improves the lives and the health of the people who come to her. Personally I am very grateful for the work of Mrs. Bleile.

Loren Miller
M.A. Ed. Psych.
Colorado, USA

*Mr Piotro recounts*........................
Hello dear Ms Bleile,
With this letter I wish to thank you warmly for your help.
By chance I heard of your healing powers in the show „Punkt 12“ and did some research on the Internet.
Upon fixing the appointment with you I was unsure at first whether the treatment would help me.
My appointment was on November 03, 2008. After the first treatments my condition improved significantly, whereas this also astounded you.
I suffer from C O P D (Chronic Bronchitis pulmonary emphysema)
I needed much cortisone and many other pills and oxygen.
On Thursday November 06, 2008 I was brave enough to go to the top of the mountain with the chairlift of the Alpspitzbahn. Other times I had tremendous problems breathing in such heights but at 1200m there were no problems. This is why I walked down the mountain on foot. Following that I did not even need treatment with oxygen or cortisone emergency spray. Earlier I could not even do small gardening chores or climb stairs, as I had to use the oxygen device afterwards every time.
Until this day I have not needed any more oxygen or cortisone spray, which makes me very happy.
Erwin Piotro 14.11.08

*Fam. Zabelich from Berlin reports*...........
Dear Ms Bleile,
We flew from Berlin-Tegel to Memmingen on November 2, 2008!
My husband was driven directly to the aircraft in his wheelchair by the ground personnel due to his blindness ( 4,5 years marcular ) and helplessness.
He is disabled to 100 %, and still had great pain in spite of the intervertebral disc surgery, so that he needed crutches to walk.
On November 3, 2008 he had his first treatment by Ms Bleile, he felt the pleasant warmth, the flowing energy that emanated from Ms Bleile immediately. On the second day of treatment he felt his eyes working. In the night on November 4, 2008 my husband was able to see blurry pictures, he recognized his face in the mirror.
His vision has increased, the eyes are constantly working. He was able to recognize Ms Bleile. On November 6, 2008 during a walk he described objects he was able to see. At dinner he prepared his sandwich alone. That evening we decided to play cards. To our great surprise he was able to see the numbers on the cards. At breakfast my husband cut his rolls by himself, and prepared them with jelly.
In the waiting room Ms Bleile conducted a test: She came into the room without saying a word. My husband went towards her and shook her hand.
On November 10, 2008 after treatment by Ms Bleile the horrible back pains lessened. Sometime my husband even walks without support.
12.11.08 My health condition is improving from day to day. I need no more help dressing, my walking skill has improved significantly.
When I came to Wildpoldsried I had the hope of receiving help. My belief has proven itself, my vision has significantly improved and the problems after the spinal surgery are gone.
I still have the waling crutches as a reminder, and the blind bandage is a thing of the past.
Dear Ms Bleile, I thank you for your gentle and successful treatment. We hope that your " healing hands" can help many more people. Now I return to Berlin as a happy person and am looking forward to my nieces and nephews whom I can finally see with my own eyes again after 4,5 years.

Your Dirk Zabelich 14.11.08

Dr. med. Hans Jochen Doctor for Orthopaedics, Surgeon of the professional association

Regarding: Ms A. Hummel

Ms Hummel has been my patient for years because of hip and spinal chord problems. A hip prothesis was implanted in her right hip joint. Beyond that she has reoccurring acute and extremely intense pain in the lower lumbar spine and the hip joints. The conditions only partially respond to non-steroidal antirheumatics and cortisone. From time to time these acute conditions are linked to increased uric acid values, so that gout must be assumed here also.
Repeatedly I witnessed that the conditions disappeared well and also for a longer time when Ms Hummel was treated by Waltraud Bleile, healer in Wildpoldsried. As now also in Oct. 08.
Should the conditions reoccur acutely to Ms Hummel I can only advise her to return for treatment as soon as possible.

With kind regards
Dr. med. H. Jochen

* Fam. Ivanisch recounts...........*
Dear Ms Bleile,
My husband has been suffering Parkinson disease since 8 years, and had to increase his medication dosage 2 months ago due to a worsening of the disease. ( 300 ml. )
Already after the third day under your treatment we were able to see a difference, his tremor disappeared and he truly flourished and became a different person.
You also treated me. I suffer intense insomnia, ( sleep is only possible with a mask) and slept 2-3 hours per night at the most. You used your healing powers on me also and now I can finally sleep longer again ( 7-8 hrs) and also my entire well-being has changed to the positive. I always have had high blood sugar, but did not tell you this at the beginning of treatment, as the sleeping problem was more important to me.
Dear Ms Bleile: My blood sugar is also normal today. In a short talk with you after treatment I commented that I also had trouble with my eyes.
Spontaneously you also treated my eyes, and left me simply speechless. After several treatments I also feel improvement with my eye condition.
We were very lucky and heard about you by chance. We were in Slovenia when we saw the show Punkt 12 on RTL and saw a report about Waltraud Bleile. We listened to the report with great interest and were very impressed with your healing successes. We were so convinced of your skill and had to contact you, and so we called you right after we got back and made an appointment. Now we are here and feel how we are getting better after every treatment.
We are glad that we found you and you have returned a large portion of life quality to us.
We will never forget how you have helped us.

In eternal thankfulness
Your Franciska and Stefan Ivanisch 21.10.08
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