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Waltraud Bleile, Healer - healing hands. Healer Waltraud Bleile - healing hands. Even seriously ill people regain their health through Waltraud Bleile in the Allgäu region by powers beyond human healing skills through laying on of hands.
Health is the most valuable possession of humans!
Someone who can say this with full conviction is Waltraud Bleile, born on August 11, 1962 in Lindau/Lake Constance. She was a confectioner. Since 1999 Waltraud Bleile possesses healing powers.
I want to use the power God gave me to relieve pain, stop illnesses, or heal with Gods will.
Waltraud Bleile is not a physician; she does not diagnose illnesses and always warns from stopping medication prescribed by the doctor. - Waltraud Bleile regards the gift of being able to help seriously ill people as a present from Above.
Until this day, many people from around the world have lain all of their hope into the healing hands of Waltraud Bleile.
Frequently, these people are desperate cases that can no longer be helped by physicians. Waltraud Bleile as able to give many of them their quality of life back, quite often even full health.
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My success rate is very high and I will do everything in my power to help you, too. Imprint | Home   
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